Welcome to Vedoni Glass Shield

Vedoni Glass Shield coatings enhance and protect your surfaces so that they remain cleaner for longer and will require a lot less cleaning. Maintenance can be reduced by up to 90%. 

Vedoni Glass Shield can be used on both hard and soft surfaces such as glass, ceramics, natural stones, painted surfaces, brickwork, fabrics, soft furnishings, suede and leather – the list goes on and on. Each of these different surfaces can benefit from a protective coating of Glass Shield but those benefits vary.

Glass Shield allows the coated surface to breathe whilst preventing liquids and solids that may, otherwise damage or stain the surface, from coming into direct contact with it. Because the layer is so thin, it’s completely flexible.

In fact, Vedoni Glass Shield is formulated completely differently for different applications in order to ensure that the optimum protective qualities are achieved for any particular application.